About Us

one50one is a dynamic new media & mobile firm with leading status and credentials. Based on our proud heritage as pioneers in the digital entertainment and mobile marketing industries, our partners and clients are assured of relevant services from global leaders in branded entertainment production, digital distribution and mobile marketing. We are an innovation engine that serves an elite clientele of brands, advertising agencies and content producers.

Core to our mission is our ability to do 3 things well
  • Empower our partners and clients by delivering digital distribution and mobile marketing results
  • Entertain people with award caliber branded entertainment experiences
  • Enforce our reputation as an innovation engine in a converged media, advertising and entertainment environment where new media serves as the bridge to people engagement.
Our Goal
Provide one50one partners and clients with new media services (on-line & mobile) that will:
  • Influence all current business divisions by enhancing current revenue streams
  • Foster new revenue streams
  • "Digitize" the entire marketing mix
  • Revolutionize CRM & data collection
  • Track consumer interaction & apply ROI to media spends
Provide effective new media driven insights, strategy , processes and execution:
  • Assessing business needs related to urban & multicultural consumers
  • Reviewing and enhancing related business functions, plans, directions and opportunities
one50one will develop platforms and strategies that will:
  • Provide clients and partners on-line & mobile convergence
    • Previously separate technologies that now share resources and interact with each other, synergistically creating new efficiencies
  • Encourage User Activity & Unique Content Creation via real-time publishing
    • Real-time publishing allows for the immediate preview of unique UGC (User Generated Content), at full quality, without any rendering delay
  • Raise awareness and interaction within a desired consumer segment that indexes more than 150% higher in on-line & mobile data usage than the general market