Predictions for 2013
Let's just say the Mayans were wrong and we make it to 2013. If that's the case, you're going to want to peruse this issue of Wireless Week.
Heineken garners more than 15,000 opt-ins via multichannel effort
Heineken saw a high volume of engagement for its Red Star Access program that incorporated digital, social media and mobile to provide an interactive experience for consumers.
one50one Wins Global and North American Smarties Awards for Cross Mobile Campaign
At last week's Smarties Awards ceremony in New York City, one50one won both the Global and North American awards for Best Cross Mobile Campaign for its integrated digital, social and mobile Hennessy Kaws campaign.
one50one Wins Digiday Mobi Award for Best Integrated Mobile/Cross Media Campaign
At last week's Digiday Mobi Awards ceremony in New York, one50one won the Best Integrated Mobile/Cross Media Campaign award for its integrated digital, social, and mobile Hennessy Kaws campaign.
4G, Location & Personalization Will Change The Mediascape Of Multicultural Marketing
A. Troy Brown draws from primary demographic research and years of implementing award-winning, integrated Digital/Social/Mobile (DSM) campaigns for big brands...
Hennessy KAWS Campaign Named 2011 Mobile Campaign of the Year by Mobile Marketer
One50one designed a custom-branded QR code to appear on all press releases announcing the collaboration between Kaws and the cognac.
Hennessy campaign garners 1.3M QR code interactions
LVMH-owned Hennessy’s promotion of its collaboration with the artist Kaws for a limited-edition bottle resulted in 1.3 million scans of the QR code...
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